What does your Image communicate about you?

Your Image is you in the minds of people, a mental picture that they form of you and their perception of you.

Image is inescapable. For as long as you exist, interact with people, your image exists. Now, whether you manage it to your advantage or let this powerful resource remain untapped or even work against you IS the choice you need to make.

We are all unique with unique looks, unique taste, unique choices and off course- unique Personal Style.
At ImageImpakt we are committed to provide personalized solutions to enhance your Appearance, Behavior and Communication so that you become the best version of YOURSELF. We do this by working with you and providing one or more clinics as required.


One-on-One Coaching:

In this format we provide an elaborate personal image coaching solution which starts with capturing complete information about the client which helps in an image evaluation. The client is taken through several clinics which include:

Lifestyle Evaluation
Personal Style Evaluation
Body and Face Shape Evaluation
Color Evaluation
Wardrobe Evaluation
Grooming & Make-up
Etiquette & Body language

Based on the above evaluations, the client is then advised on managing their image based on their roles and goals in life.

Individual Clinics:

In this format the client is taken through any one or more of the clinics from the list above based on the client’s specific needs.


We also offer one day workshop on creating a powerful first impression. Complete knowledge on image related topics is provided along with guidelines on creating lasting first impressions. These workshops are usually conducted with 8 to 12 participants. Every workshop participant is also provided a personal consultation session within 15 days of the workshop.

These Clinics will benefit Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Students, Home makers, Creative Professionals and basically anyone who wants to create a powerful and positive Image Impact.We are sensitive about client’s preference; therefore we maintain utmost confidentiality about our clients and their consulting packages.


Start now to prepare for success in your life