Have you been giving fair and deliberate attention to the importance of Soft Skills and Image Management to create powerful and lasting First Impressions in your courses?
Do you buy in to the importance of Communication, Body language, Clothing and Grooming?


Childhood and young adulthood isn’t the same experience it was in the past. The lifestyle and environment that children and students are experiencing today is not properly preparing them for working with others and performing well in the workplace outside of their actual job skill.

From school to college to turning into professionals, students require Image Management to help them set their best foot forward across each threshold. Creating the right image helps them build a solid, credible persona which in turn can help them make the most of the opportunities available to them now and in future.

Our workshops and seminars on Image Management and Soft Skills help them cross this important threshold successfully without leaving it to chance.

Our workshops on the following Image Management topics are tailor made for teachers and students, preparing them for their success and be the brand ambassadors of your Institute.

Powerful and Positive First Impressions

Power Dressing

Body Language



Social Networking

CV Management

Interview Skills

Communication skills

Interpersonal Skills

Making decisions

Self motivation

Leadership skills

Team working skills

Creativity and problem solving skills

Time management


Emotional Intelligence

We challenge you to tap into accurate image information and make Image Management part of your curriculum.We promise it pays off.